Sunday, September 14, 2014

America the Blissless

As I grow older it seems even more important than ever in my life to live the sort of life that brings joy and peace to my soul. This goal is not always easy America is not built around a paradigm of joy and peace, it is built around greed which breeds chaos wrapped in a banner of freedom and democracy which breeds wars, which breed fear and anxiety and Americans live always waiting for another 9/11. We are the country of the anti-depressants, escapism, and massive doses of denial. People have been instilled to believe the U.S. is the best, we must have the best, we must be the best, it is all about the allusion, we photo shop our lives so that everything is clean an glossy with no imperfections, because life is about being absolutely perfect without blemish. Americans look good...until you open their closets and look on their streets where the homeless are lining the back alleys and hillsides and in their classrooms where children listen for the sound that might tell them something dark is coming to steal their innocence...and in the basements of homes where young men and young women plan out some heroic escape because they just can't take one more moment if being inside their SSRI infused head...and then comes the clicks as America Shatters...And America mourns again and then forgets...until the next time. And in all of this, one must find, their Bliss.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Watch this Space....something will eventually happen...

A lot like "Waiting for Godot" isn't it?